The Story Behind the Shop

Welcome to the Gatekeeper's Shop!

This is not just your ordinary shop, it has a story. My name is Wren and I am one of the twelve gatekeepers. What is a gatekeeper you ask? Well this is where my story begins.


There are twelve gates (represented above). Long ago these gates were open to the public and anyone who possessed a gate key gemstone could enter the realms. Linore was the original creator of these realms. She was originally from the The Gate of Light or Linore's Gate as we call it. Then one day she decided to take the power from the gate key gemstones in the pedestal in the center of the Gate Circle and mysteriously disappeared. The Gatekeeper Stones however still maintain their power as well as the Gate Key Gemstones people posses within the realms. My fellow gatekeepers and I are trying to figure out a way to find Linore and get the power back to the gemstones but in the meantime I decided to make the Gate Key Gemstones available to you! 


If you would like to learn more of the story I have written a book documenting our journey in figuring this all out! There will be 12 books in total but for now begin the journey with the first book called Gate 1: Fantasy. 




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